Meditation Cushion Crescent - Charcoal

Meditationskissen Halbmond - Charcoal

Meditation Cushion Crescent - Charcoal

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  • GY4200
  • For relaxed, upright sitting with relaxed hips: the large seat area of ​​the meditation cushion offers you very good help with yoga and meditation and is particularly well suited for meditating in the cross-legged or lotus position.

    • Material: 100% cotton
    • Filled with organic buckwheat husks in Germany
    • Dimensions: 51 x 28 x 13 cm
    • Weight approx. 6 kg
    • Practical carrying handle; washable outer cover
    • Zipper concealed under the carrying handle

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible

Halfmoon live a responsible and fair way of dealing with people and the environment.

Eco-friendly & resource-saving

Halfmoon use buckwheat to fill the meditation cushions - a type of grain that naturally requires fewer chemicals and fertilizers than other grains.

Natural & untreated

The covers of the Halfmoon meditation cushions are made of 100% natural cotton fibres that neither shrink nor wear out and are particularly durable.

Sustainable & durable

Bei normalem Gebrauch und ordnungsgemäßer Pflege kann dir das Meditationskissen ein Leben lang erhalten bleiben.

Recycling & degradability

The cover of the Halfmoon meditation cushion is completely biodegradable.

Place of manufacture

The covers for the meditation cushion are handmade in Burnaby, Canada. The cushions are hand filled with organic buckwheat husks in a workshop for disabled people near Herzogenrath, Germany.


The Halfmoon meditation cushions are completely free from animal products and suitable for vegans.

The Halfmoon Meditation Cushion Crescent helps you to sit in a relaxed meditation position,... more
Product information "Meditation Cushion Crescent - Charcoal"

The Halfmoon Meditation Cushion Crescent helps you to sit in a relaxed meditation position, opening and stretching your hips. It allows you to sit upright comfortably and to bring your heels to the centre of your body or root chakra. 

Tip: To individually adjust the height of the cushion, you can simply remove some filling material from the cushion.

The Canadian label Halfmoon is part of the B Yoga family and produces yoga and meditation accessories for highest standards. Halfmoon has a clear objective: to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible as a source of inspiration and meaning. Halfmoon's products are handmade from natural materials under fair conditions - mainly locally in Vancouver (Canada).

Order number: GY4200
Care : The Halfmoon meditation cushions are very sturdy and can be used practically anywhere.... more

Care: The Halfmoon meditation cushions are very sturdy and can be used practically anywhere. Make sure that your cushion does not get wet. If it does, dry cover and filling separately and do not put them back together until they are completely dry.

The filling material will gradually give way over time, so it is recommended that you change or refill it every two years.

Cleaning: The cover is washable at easy-care cold, max. 20°. Please remove the filling completely and store it in a bag.

Please wash separately at first, as the cover fabric can stain.

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Meditation Cushion Crescent LE - Natural Linen
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