Manduka - PRO Sage - ReMAT

Yogamatte Manduka PRO Sage - ReMAT

Manduka - PRO Sage - ReMAT

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  • GY1058-rm
  • Our ReMAT! Tested, processed, repackaged for the sake of the environment - give a yoga mat a second chance!

    • Dimensions: 180 x 66 x 0.6 cm< /li>
    • Weight: approx. 3.4 kg (can vary up to 250 g)
    • Material: PVC, 100% latex-free
    • Especially suitable for active yoga styles
    • For a height of up to approx. 175 cm

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Manduka always pays attention to fair and social working conditions and imposes strict conditions on all production sites involved.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
Manduka pays attention to energy-conscious and environmentally friendly manufacturing with minimal waste production.
The entire PRO series is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Sustainable & durable
Die Matten aus der gesamten PRO-Serie sind praktisch unverwüstlich; auf sie gibt Manduka darum eine lebenslange Herstellergarantie.
Recycling & degradability
Manduka recycles your discarded PRO or PROlite yoga mat for you.
Place of manufacture
The mats from the PRO series are produced in Germany.
CO2-saving & emission-free
Since the mats are produced locally, there are no unnecessary CO2 emissions due to long and costly transports. The Oeko-Tex certification proves that the PRO mats are free of harmful substances.
Suitable for vegans.
About ReMats Our ReMATs are returned mats with the original packaging removed. These mats may... more
Product information "Manduka - PRO Sage - ReMAT"

About ReMats

Our ReMATs are returned mats with the original packaging removed. These mats may have blemishes but have not lost any of their functionality. The mats are reprocessed by us after careful examination. You will receive the ReMAT from us at a special price.

If you order a ReMAT, we ask you to do so with great care. In the case of a return, we charge a proportionate processing fee of EUR 5. This is the only way we can offer a sensible recycling cycle that doesn't end in an endless spiral of repeated returns. Therefore, please always read the product description carefully.

About the PRO series

The PRO series from Manduka is designed to hö to withstand the highest loads; That's why the PRO yoga mats are particularly popular with yoga teachers around the world. No matter how hard you use your yoga mat, it will last you a lifetime and is also relatively easy to care for, since its closed surface means that neither sweat&rszlig; bacteria can still get inside the mat. With frequent use, the PRO develops very good slip resistance, and the strong cushioning provides optimal protection for knees and joints, even on hard surfaces. The specially designed  Manduka's underside structure prevents the mat from slipping on the floor &nd; so you can concentrate fully on yourself and your exercises. A real professional mat for everyone who wants to practice yoga intensively!

Order number: GY1058-rm
Hinweis:  PVC-Matten entfalten ihren vollständigen Grip unter Umständen erst nach einiger Zeit... more

Hinweis: PVC-Matten entfalten ihren vollständigen Grip unter Umständen erst nach einiger Zeit der Nutzung; das kann gegebenenfalls problematisch sein, wenn du auch ohne zu schwitzen schnell zu feuchten Handflä;chen neigst. Mehr Infos zum Thema Rutschfestigkeit und wie sie sich bei PVC-Matten am besten entfaltet, findest du hier.

Pflege und Reinigung: Bei Bedarf feucht abwischen und gut trocknen lassen. Für eine intensivere Reinigung den Yogamattenreiniger Mat Wash Renew von Manduka aufsprü;hen, abwischen und die Matte wiederum gut trocknen lassen.

Mehr Infos zur Mattenpflege findest du in unserem Yogamatten-Pflegeguide.

Aufbewahrung: Wir empfehlen deine Yogamatte mit der Oberseite nach außen einzurollen. So bleiben die Ecken der Matte während deiner Yogaübungen auf dem Boden und deine Gedanken bei dir.

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