Supergrip with extra comfort

The Kurma Grip is not only non-slip and extremely sturdy, but also particularly comfortable: With 185 cm length and 66 cm width, it has the perfect format for all yogis who are up to 1.80 m tall or just like a lot of space on their yoga mat. In addition, at 0.65 cm cushioning it offers maximum damping comfort; optimal for troubled joints or aching knees. With these perfect dimensions, the Kurma Grip is way ahead of other standard yoga mats, which tend to be shorter and narrower. In addition, like all PVC mats it is easy to clean, very stable and extremely robust - and as durable as a turtle, because that is what "Kurma" means in Sanskrit. Despite the use of PVC, the Kurma Grip is also a good choice in terms of its eco-friendliness, because Kurma processes medical PVC and emerges no waste or emission while producing their yoga mats. This positive eco-balance has earned the Kurma Grip an Oeko-Tex certification.

Its grip will not let go of you

The Kurma Grip combines decades of mat expertise with state-of-the-art innovations. Kurma has been producing PVC yoga mats for over 30 years, which are so sturdy they can withstand the most demanding asanas. For the new, improved Kurma, a special surface texture has been developed, which is based on the feel of a natural rubber mat and optimizes the grip of the yoga mat. Like all yoga mats and PVC mats in particular, the Kurma mat needs a little training period until the optimum slip resistance is achieved. The more you practice, the faster you will get a grip that will not let go of you any time soon; one more reason to get practicing on your Kurma Grip as often as possible.