Handmade cotton bag OH LEO

Handmade cotton bag OH LEO

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  • GY9523
    • Outer and inner material made of pure cotton
    • Dimensions (LxHxD): 43 cm x 24 cm x 23 cm
    • With kantha embroidery and (block print)
    • Wood stamp print with natural / AZO-free dyes
    • 2 outside pockets and a spacious main compartment with an inside pocket
    • Handmade tassel decoration

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
The outer material is made of pure cotton and the inner lining is made of the matching soft cotton fabric. A small production facility in Jaipur, India produces the embroidered cotton bags under fair working conditions. The production avoids working with large machines, thereby saving large amounts of water and electricity. The resource-saving process reflects the relaxed working atmosphere. We attach great importance to special individual pieces that were created with love and a creative spirit and continue to be created - also with our and your support.
Natural & untreated
The production facility relies primarily on the uniquely beautiful block printing process, which has a tradition in Jaipur. The employees print the motifs and patterns on the cotton fabrics by hand using large wooden stamps using natural, azo-free dyes. The production only uses machines on a small scale, such as irons and sewing machines, so that the small company saves a lot of water and electricity compared to other large production facilities.
As the bags are handmade, each bag is slightly different and the fabric pattern is sometimes... more
Product information "Handmade cotton bag OH LEO"

As the bags are handmade, each bag is slightly different and the fabric pattern is sometimes placed differently than shown.

Lovingly handcrafted and unique details!

Handmade large cotton bag “oh Leo” - your unique sports bag, beach bag, weekend bag made of hand-printed cotton.

You can use the playful and handmade cotton bag “oh Leo” as a sports bag, as a beach bag, as a weekend bag – simply as your favorite bag for everything. You can easily store your XL towel, your gym shoes, your water bottle and a change of clothes. There's also plenty of room for your bikini, sunscreen and sunglasses! The bag is also perfect for accompanying you on your weekend trip and storing your most important and beautiful items. You can also store your favorite KIKOONI cosmetic bag! The best thing: the bag is a unique piece and is made with love in India. The employees print the pure cotton fabric by hand using wooden stamps. This process is called block printing. Then embroider the bag with the famous and traditional Kantha embroidery and finish the bag with the tassel details on the zipper.

Order number: GY9523
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Handmade cotton bag H.LEOPARD
€84.95 *