Flow to Go Travel Set - Leaf Green

Flow to Go Travel Set - Leaf Green

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  • GY8832
  • The perfect travel set at an advantageous price compared to the individual products. It consists of a yoga mat, a mat cleaner and a matching carrying strap.
    • Yoga mat eKO SuperLite - Leaf Green
    • Material: natural rubber, 99% latex-free
    • Dimensions: 180 cm x 61 cm x 0.15 - 0.2 cm
    • Weight: approx. 1.1 kg (as each mat is unique, the weight can vary up to 250 g)
    • Hygienic, closed-pored surface
    • Foldable for transport
    • Suitable for calmer yoga styles
    • For all yogis up to a height of approx. 175 cm
    • Carrying strap Commuter - Heather Grey Bliss
    • Material: Cotton
    • Dimensions: 173 cm x 4 cm
    • Padded shoulder strap
    • Suitable for all yoga mats
    • Can also be used as a yoga belt for your exercises
    • Mat Wash Restore Small - Gingergrass
    • Especially for yoga mats from the Manduka eKO series
    • With natural essential oils and white vinegar
    • Non-irritating
    • Pet friendly
    • Packaging: spray bottle
    • Contents: approx. 118 ml
    • Scent: lemongrass
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Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Manduka always respects fair and social working conditions and imposes strict conditions on all production sites.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
In the production of the eKO series` mats, Manduka pays attention to energy-conscious and eco-friendly manufacturing with minimal waste production.
Natural & untreated
The eKO series` yoga mats are made of natural rubber, a natural, renewable resource from the milk sap of the rubber tree.
Sustainable & durable
The textile coating makes the eKO series` natural rubber mats particularly stable and durable.
Recycling & degradability
Natural rubber is completely biodegradable.
Manduka yoga mats are completely free of animal products and suitable for vegans.
About the label Designed by yogis and recommended by yoga teachers around the world: Manduka... more
Product information "Flow to Go Travel Set - Leaf Green"
About the label

Designed by yogis and recommended by yoga teachers around the world: Manduka has been one of the most popular and renowned brands for yoga mats, yoga clothing and yoga accessories for many years.

Yoga mat eKO SuperLite - Leaf Green

The yoga mats from the eKO series by Manduka are the right choice for environmentally conscious yogis who value easy care handling and long life of their mat. Unlike other natural rubber mats, the eKO SuperLite has a closed-pored surface and is therefore protected from sweat, dirt and dust; this makes it easy to clean and particularly robust. In addition, the eKO SuperLite has an extremely positive environmental balance: Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and Manduka completely avoids the use of harmful chemicals in its production. In the particularly thin and lightweight travel version, the eKO yoga mat is rollable and foldable and fits in any hand luggage!

Mat Carrier Commuter - Heather Grey Bliss

Manduka's Commuter keeps your yoga mat easily accessible at your side. The padded shoulder strap offers maximum comfort. The strap doesn't need a Velcro or click fastener - just loop both ends around your mat and leave the rest to gravity. Handy side effect: When it's not carrying your mat, with the Commuter you will always have a yoga belt for your exercises at hand. 

Mat Wash Restore Small - Gingergrass

The Manduka Mat Wash Restore mat spray is an organic, vinegar-based cleaning solution that disinfects your yoga mat and keeps it fresh and clean. The spray is biodegradable, phosphate-free and contains no alcohol. In addition to vinegar, the mat disinfection is provided by traces of organic essential oils with antimicrobial and therapeutic properties, which can be safely used on natural rubber mats in this minimal concentration. The Mat Wash Restore was specially developed for yoga mats from the eKO series by Manduka.
Order number: GY8832
Aufbewahrung :  Setz deine Manduka eKO Matte nicht übermäßig dem Sonnenlicht aus. Wenn... more

AufbewahrungSetz deine Manduka eKO Matte nicht übermäßig dem Sonnenlicht aus. Wenn die Matte durch Schweiß oder Wasser feucht geworden ist, lass sie vollständig durchtrocknen, bevor du sie zusammenrollst.

Geruch: Die Matten aus der eKO Serie bestehen aus natürlichem, biologisch abbaubarem Naturkautschuk und werden ohne toxische Leime oder Geruchsbinder hergestellt. Naturkautschuk hat einen typischen Eigengeruch, der mit der Zeit verfliegt, aber von geruchsempfindlichen Menschen immer in Spuren wahrnehmbar bleibt. Mehr Informationen zum Thema Geruch bei Naturkautschukmatten findest du hier.

Tägliche ReinigungMit dem Manduka Mat Wash and Refresh bleibt deine Matte hygienisch frisch und sauber. Einfach nach jedem Training aufsprühen, abwischen und die Matte gut durchtrocknen lassen. 

Monatliche Auffrischung: Für eine intensivere, monatliche Auffrischung empfiehlt Manduka, das speziell auf die eKO-Serie abgestimmte Mattenspray Restore zu verwenden: Aufsprühen, 5 Minuten einwirken lassen, abwischen und die Matte gut durchtrocknen lassen. 

Gründliche Reinigung: Der Pflanzliche Yogamattenreiniger von Manduka eignet sich besonders für eine gründliche Reinigung deiner eKO Matte. 

Mehr Tipps zur Pflege deiner Yogamatte findest du in unserem Yogamatten-Pflegeguide: >> Mehr erfahren

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