Wake Cacao

Wake Cacao

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  • GY8768
    • Fine Criollo Blanco raw cocoa
    • Theobromine content of 186 mg/100ml, caffeine content 28 mg/100ml
    • More natural coffee alternative without additives
    • Content : 250 g

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
With a focus on regionality, Naturu keeps an eye on the needs of everyone involved. Fair prices for the producers of the raw materials, relieving nature by avoiding unnecessary delivery routes and ensuring the best possible product quality for the customers.
Natural & untreated
Naturu obtains its raw materials exclusively from pesticide-free cultivation and completely dispenses with any chemical additives, artificial flavors or genetically modified organisms (GMO).
Controlled organic & certified
Naturu is certified organic.
Place of manufacture
With a few exotic exceptions, the products are all Made in Germany. This enables constant control along the production chain to ensure quality. In addition, Naturu relies on innovative production methods. Germany has repeatedly proven itself as a location for innovation and production.
What makes Criollo Blanco cocoa so special? The cocoa variety Criollo Blanco, which was only... more
Product information "Wake Cacao"

What makes Criollo Blanco cocoa so special?

The cocoa variety Criollo Blanco, which was only rediscovered in 2008, has not lost its originality through crossing and breeding, unlike many available cocoa varieties.

The cocoa variety Criollo Blanco is one of the finest, if not the finest cocoa variety among cocoa connoisseurs. This variety is particularly valued for its low proportion of acids and bitter substances (so-called polyphenols).

The Criollo Blanco cocoa lets you experience a variety of flavors. Many appreciate and love the aromas reminiscent of nuts, caramel or wild berries.

Criollo Blanco is simply a cocoa that you have to experience for yourself. This noble raw cocoa has a long history. Even the Maya and Aztecs of Central America appreciated, loved and cultivated this cacao centuries ago.

Ingredients: 100% Criollo Blanco raw cocoa

Notes on use: Dissolve 30 g of cocoa per cup in 200 ml of water or plant-based drink at a medium temperature while stirring constantly. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage: Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Order number: GY8768
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