Cotton Yoga Blanket - Ink Weave

Cotton Yoga Blanket - Ink Weave

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  • GY9268
  • Indispensable accessory for your yoga practice: The cotton yoga blanket from Halfmoon is not only used to keep you warm during Savasana, but when folded accordingly, it also offers gentle cushioning and support during many yoga exercises.

    • Material: 100 % cotton woven
    • Dimensions: 152 cm x 203 cm
    • Weight: approx. 1.1 kg to 1.2 kg
    • Handwoven in India
    • The initially solid material becomes silky soft after repeated washing

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
At Halfmoon Yoga we practice responsible and fair treatment of people and the environment.
Natural & untreated
Halfmoon uses natural, unbleached cotton to make the blankets. Handwoven in India.
Halfmoon';s ;yoga blankets are suitable for versatile use during yoga: They can be rolled... more
Product information "Cotton Yoga Blanket - Ink Weave"

Halfmoon';s ;yoga blankets are suitable for versatile use during yoga: They can be rolled up like a neck roll, folded like a block or pillow or simply be pushed under your knees for cushioning. This way they help to avoid pain in knees and joints and to increase relaxation. A warming blanket is of course indispensable during the final relaxation as well, Savasana. The blankets are woven with a flat edge so that nothing will disturb your practice. They can be flat-folded and are preferred yoga blankets for all levels and styles.

About the label

The Canadian label Halfmoon is part of the B Yoga family and produces yoga and meditation accessories for highest demands. Halfmoon has a clear goal: to make yoga - a source of inspiration and meaning - accessible to as many people as possible. Halfmoon';s products are handmade under fair conditions from natural materials - mainly on site in Vancouver, Canada.

Order number: GY9268
Schonwaschgang kalt. Nicht trocknergeeignet. more

Schonwaschgang kalt. Nicht trocknergeeignet.

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Cotton Yoga Blanket - Natural
€54.95 *