Cashmere scarf Buddha - Black

Cashmere scarf Buddha - Black

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  • GY9134
    • Material: 100% finest cashmere wool
    • Size: 200 x 90 cm
    • Handmade from Nepal

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
KARMA LOVE attaches great importance to fair and social treatment of employees and partners. Production takes place under Fairtrade standards.
Natural & untreated
From feeding our cashmere goats in the wild highlands of Inner Mongolia to harvesting cotton and aloe vera outside Kathmandu, Karma Love is committed to improving its sustainability model.
Let yourself be wrapped in this masterfully crafted scarf made from the finest cashmere yarn and... more
Product information "Cashmere scarf Buddha - Black"

Let yourself be wrapped in this masterfully crafted scarf made from the finest cashmere yarn and feel the incomparable comfort and inspiration it gives you. The high-quality scarf gives every outfit a special touch. Whether you're cozying up at home or heading to an elegant event, this luxurious scarf is suitable for any occasion.

About the label

For KARMA LOVE is fashion more than just something nice to wear: KARMA LOVE creates fashion with meaning. The Frankfurt-based label uses high-quality, lovingly crafted clothing as a vehicle for positive messages, inspiring quotes and energetic symbols. This is how the energy and attitude from yoga can be transferred to everyday life in the most pleasant way: Clothing from KARMA LOVE is nothing but pure mindfulness to wear. Of course, KARMA LOVE also attaches great importance to mindfulness in production: all products are produced according to Fairtrade standards.

Order number: GY9134
Wasche das Produkt in kaltem Wasser (30 °C oder darunter), vorzugsweise von Hand oder mit... more

Wasche das Produkt in kaltem Wasser (30 °C oder darunter), vorzugsweise von Hand oder mit dem Schonwaschgang in der Waschmaschine. Wenn das Produkt aus dem Waschen kommt, dehne es bitte sanft, um die natürlichen Fasern wieder zu strukturieren und zu formen. Das Produkt sollte immer auf natürliche Weise, auf einer flachen Oberfläche und fern von direktem Sonnenlicht getrocknet werden. Es ist am besten, das Produkt zu bügeln oder zu dämpfen, während es noch leicht feucht ist und auf niedriger Stufe, oder alternativ mit der Dampfeinstellung auf dem Bügeleisen. Stell bitte sicher, dass das Produkt vollständig trocken ist, bevor du es aufbewahrst.

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