Strong Core Workout: 19 exercises for a strong core

Strong Core Workout:
19 exercises for a strong core

A cooperation with Casall and Sarah Gluschke

Strong core muscles are the key to a healthy and pain-free life; they provide stability for your back, lead to better posture and more mobility. In these exercises, together with Sarah we will focus on your core, train your abdominal muscles and strengthen your entire torso – and have a lot of fun doing it!

Training time: 15 minutes
Material: Yoga/Fitness Mat
Level: All Levels (Basic fitness provided)


Perfect for working out in between meals

Even your lunch break is enough: the fifteen-minute workout can be easily integrated into your daily routine. All you need is a sturdy mat and a little space to roll it out – then it's time to get going, power up and recharge!

Strong Core Workout with Sarah Gluschke

In this 15-minute sequence, Sarah guides you through 19 exercises, each of which you will perform for 45 seconds. The next exercise is always displayed in a small preview to make it easier for you to get into it. Have fun with Sarah's Strong Core Workout!

Notes for a mindful practice

A soft start

Warm up your body before training. This goes without saying, but our everyday life sometimes makes us careless.


Breathing is crucial in yoga and training. So always keep an eye on your breath while you exercise.

Listen to your body

Curiously play with the limits of your body without exceeding them.

Smooth transitions

Create smooth transitions between exercises.You can even add to your workout with a little meditation.



Sarah Gluschke is a yoga teacher and health coach. Her mission is to get people back in touch with themselves, to show them how uncomplicated and simple healthy eating can be and how much fun training can be. On her Instagram channel, Sarah posts about yoga, sports, mindset and vegan nutrition daily.

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