Four regenerative exercises with a fascia ball

Four regenerative exercises with a fascia ball

A guest article by greenyogashop ambassador Lisa

Who doesn't know it? After a long period of sitting or repeated one-sided exertion, you begin to painfully feel one part or another of the body: slight tension, a feeling of tightness or your whole body feels constricted in a way. Besides an extensive yoga class – what helps? Simple: A regenerative session with Casall‘s fascia ball to treat your connective tissue and surrounding structures and to relax your nervous system.

What exactly does the treatment with the fascia ball do?

All muscles, all organs and the entire body‘s conduction system are enveloped and partly permeated by connective tissue. The entire connective tissue system of the body is called fascia, because it runs through and permeates the entire body. These collagen and elastin-containing structures provide your body with strength, elasticity and functionality. As all body structures are connected this way, mechanical forces and tensions are transmitted to and through the whole body.

Lack of exercise, one-sided movement, overload, stress, diet, lack of sleep, ageing and many other factors can influence our connective tissue. Acupressure can have a positive effect and counteract tensile stress and mobility restrictions. In contrast to deep-seated, punctual and long-lasting acupressure (therapeutic approach for treating deep-seated muscular disorders), "only" the surface structure can be treated with a fascia ball. This will help to water the connective tissue, to improve resorption (nutrient absorption) and to increase your movement ability in the short term. As a result, you will gain space and mobility in your fascia.

In the following article, we will focus on four body areas that often get stressed or that we use contrary to their original function due to our sedentary (sitting) lifestyle.

Note: Keep your focus on breathing steadily and calmly to support the effectiveness of self-treatment and to improve holistic regeneration.

01 Feet – Foot Rolling

Place the fascia ball under your pain point (plantar fascia) to apply even pressure with the sole of your foot. Keep your toes relaxed; alternately, you can stretch and bend them to mobilise the pain point under the pressure.


02 Hip flexor

In a sitting position, grasp the ball firmly with the opposite hand and press it onto your hip flexor insertions. Here, you can apply pressure over a large area and gradually increase it. Keep your hips‘ surrounding structures more and more relaxed.


03 Buttocks

In supine position, place the ball in the gluteal muscles. By moving the hips slightly, you can roll the ball over a large area. The greater the pressure, the more effectively you can treat your surface structure.


04 Shoulder

Place the ball at the pain point next to the spine while lying down (also possible while standing against a wall), the inner edge of your shoulder blade. For mobilisation, lift your corresponding arm and move it slowly.





Lisa is a sports scientist and lifestyle coach with a special interest in nutrition, exercise and stress. She is a long-time experienced instructor and trainer in group fitness and personal training and is currently dedicated to concept evaluation of holistic health and fitness concepts in sports tourism.

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