Your Ritual for Beautiful and Healthy Feet

Your Ritual for Beautiful and Healthy Feet

A cooperation with Elnura of re:love

Body care is enormously important to most of us, and we practise it intensively. Yet we undoubtedly devote most of our time to our face and at the same time tend to forget the body parts that carry us through the day most patiently: Our feet. Our body weight rests on them and the task of balancing it. They support us in everyday life and on the yoga mat, and yet we carelessly squeeze them into shoes and forget or ignore them until they become painfully noticeable.

We think: Your feet don't deserve that. When you take time for yourself, pay attention to your feet. Show them that you are grateful for everything they do for you so seemingly as a matter of course. Make foot care a wonderful self-care ritual that not only makes your feet happy, but yourself, too.

Elnura of re:love has discovered a foot care ritual for herself, that she regularly gives her feet loving care with and that she would like to share with you here. To go with it, she gives you five tips to do something good for your feet in everyday life. Because beautiful and healthy yoga feet deserve the same attention as your face!

Elnura's LOVE MY YOGI TOES Ritual

  I perform this ritual weekly, usually on Sunday; that's my Selfcare Sunday. I first take a foot bath with warm, not too hot water, add a few drops of mint oil and enjoy the warmth. I allow my feet to relax in the bath for about 5-7 minutes.

This has to be followed by a scrub. I love exfoliating my feet with the re:love Body Scrub because it removes dead skin cells, massages the feet gently and stimulates circulation. The scrub also has an anti-inflammatory effect, and the organic oils it contains moisturise your feet so that you don't have to apply cream afterwards.

I slowly massage my feet with the Body Scrub and feel how the coffee grounds and sea salt touch and nourish my skin gently. I take at least five minutes to do this, appreciating my feet and giving them love. I firmly believe that every part of our body needs attention, and no matter how busy we are, we should always find five minutes to do so.

This ritual has become a kind of meditation for me and I look forward to it every time. On days that I have very dry skin, I finish by applying foot cream to my feet and putting them in cotton socks that I keep on overnight. The next morning I immediately feel how soft and tender my feet are. This definitely shows me how grateful they are for the care!


Finally, I would like to share with you five beautiful things you can do for healthy feet. Regularity is crucial here.

1. Wash every day and wear clean socks.

2. Wear comfortable shoes: Your shoes need to fit properly. Shoes that are too tight can cause ingrown toenails and general foot pain. Shoes that are too big prevent the heel from settling in the right place when you walk, which can lead to blisters or sore heels.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Very important. If you walk barefoot and notice that the bottoms of your feet feel rough, be sure to get a foot cream and apply it every day.

4. Wear flip flops or other shoes in public swimming pools, yoga and fitness studios.

5. Use exfoliants or pumice regularly. Do a mini-pedicure every now and then if possible.    



Elnura Ashimova, founder of re:love cosmetics, mum and yoga teacher, quit her job in management consultancy to pursue her vision of building a sustainable brand. Inspired by nature and a passion for living life to the fullest, re:love inspires people to stand by themselves and love their skin. As a beauty brand with a conscience, the label gives a new life to the actual waste product coffee grounds and transforms it into highly effective, natural skincare products.

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