Mindfulness and Harmony by Digital Detox

Mindfulness and Harmony by Digital Detox

An Interview with Mudita



Mudita stands for a new, humane technology that, unlike familiar modern technology, provides deceleration by focusing on human well-being and mindfulness. At Mudita, freedom, joy and living in the present moment are most important. With their innovative products, the creative minds behind Mudita support your seach for a spontaneous, positive and harmonious lifestyle.

At greenyogashop, we immediately fell in love with the Pause card deck from Mudita. This collection of mindfulness cards with guided meditations and beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations on eco-friendly, wood-free paper are perfect if you just want to step away from reality for a moment, pause, and reconnect with yourself. We were somewhat surprised to learn that Mudita is actually a tech industry company! However, with an innovative approach, they are trying to combine technology and mindfulness. We asked Mudita to tell us exactly how they do it.

Feel free to introduce yourselves first. Who is behind Mudita and what are your mission and vision?

Mudita: Hi! We are Mudita - a new kind of tech company which creates innovative products with the user's health and well-being in mind. One of the company's founders is Michał Kiciński, who after running a few successful companies in tech industry (including the most recognizable - CD Projekt Red - Producer of "The Witcher" games), turned his attention to overall well-being and decided to redefine what technology means to us as it becomes more and more intrusive and overwhelming, often having a negative impact on our real, offline life. He created a vision of advanced tech products that fit well with users' needs and healthy lifestyle. The Mudita team shares the same core values - freedom, joy and living in the present moment. We are constantly working on our product portfolio, as we can see more and more opportunities to create humane, useful technology which encourages users to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Why is mindfulness so important to you?

Mudita: Mindfulness is a great practice with limitless benefits. It is a very simple technique of consciously focusing on what is surrounding us, on sensations we can feel at that very moment - and that’s it. Shifting away from stress and worries and paying attention to very simple things that are around us allows us to relax, relieve tensions and stress. Mindfulness not only helps you become more calm, but it also fills you with joy and appreciation. All those feelings and being in the present moment go together with our values. Regular mindfulness practice not only leads to endless benefits for our health, but also improves our quality of life, makes us more happy. The practice is so simple, so effective, yet sometimes underrated.

The simple questions are often the hardest to answer. Why is it important to be offline sometimes?

Mudita: Being online enables us to do amazing things, like connecting to people on the other side of the world, working or studying remotely. However, we tend to use the internet more often than we need to, which includes a lot of aimless scrolling while not even being fully conscious or not getting anything useful from it. Conscious switching off allows us to focus on the present moment and use this time in a much better way. Being offline may have a very positive impact, such as having more time to unwind and relax. You can be fully present while spending time with your friends, family or your loved ones. We might not even be aware of what a huge impact digital devices have on us and what great feelings of well-being intentionally unplugging can bring into our lives when we experience being in the present moment. It really feels like freedom and pure joy.

Many people are currently, you could say, „forced“ to spend much more time online. Many professions are only possible online. Yoga teachers, for example, are in this position. How can we integrate digital detox into our lives under these circumstances?

Mudita: Currently, we spend a significant portion of our time staring at our screens, whether computers or phones. Although part of this time is centered around work, school or staying in touch with family and friends, excessive hours of screen time and being always connected also has a huge impact on our overall health and well-being. This is why scheduling and planning time offline becomes essential, as much as planning online meetings at work. If you have trouble staying offline, try planning it in your calendar or even letting your friends and family know that, at this time you will not be available. It might help you finally finish your favourite book, take a longer walk or bake something delicious. The mindful moments are the ones that make us happy.

We would love to learn more about the mudita Pause card deck. How can I integrate it into my mindfulness practice?

Mudita: At Mudita, we are happy when you are happy. This is why we decided to create a tool, Mudita Pause, which encourages and helps individuals to practice mindfulness. It is not only great for people who are just beginning their journey with mindfulness, but also for those experienced in mindfulness practice. These cards were carefully designed to not only help you connect with the nature around you, but also to reconnect with yourself. They might be a great aid in mindfulness training, especially when you had an especially difficult day and focusing on the present moment is challenging. You can use Mudita Pause as a part of different meditation trainings or breathing exercises. It can become a great addition to yoga practice as well. Everyone can use Mudita Pause, as they wish and that’s what we love about them. Just pick a card, read it carefully, let that message sink in and focus on it. Close your eyes or take a deep breath, if you want, and find joy in that present moment. However you use it - we hope it makes you a happy ZEN Rebel like us!


Mudita Pause

For mindful moments of pause in a world full of sensory overload:
The Pause card set by Mudita encourages you to become aware of your natural surroundings and visualizes the connection between you and your environment.

What advice would you like to give our readers for a healthy and happy life?

Mudita: There are many pieces of advice we would love to share, but first and foremost - enjoy your life in the present moment. Use technology consciously and remember that real life is what really matters and that’s where the real happiness is. Appreciate nature around you, Be Grateful for the t people around you but also enjoy being by yourself. Being here and now is the first, yet essential step to improving health & overall well-being. This is what we stand by, here at Mudita, and we warmly welcome to our community all the Zen Rebels who are interested in learning more about living a more mindful lifestyle.

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