Rock On & Namasté: Sustainable fashion for your spiritual journey

Rock On & Namasté: Sustainable fashion for your spiritual journey

Interview with Dominique Simon and Laura Malina Seiler


How Dominique and Laura want to change the fashion world with their brand

Yoga and meditation only take place in the yoga room? The founders of the fashion label "Rock On & Namasté" Dominique Simon and Laura Malina Seiler are convinced that spirituality can be lived far beyond that. In this interview, they reveal what role the fashion industry plays in this and what ecological demands the two make of profit-oriented value chains.

Dear Dominique, dear Laura, what defines your friendship?

Dominique: Honesty, trust, and a lot of silly humor.

How did you get into yoga, and what inspires you in your yoga practice?

Dominique: Actually, getting into yoga was a very long and slow process. I tried and tried, and it took me a while to figure out which yoga fits me. My personal yoga practice is now mainly limited to yin yoga and pure feel-good yoga. I work out through other sports. So yoga provides my balance.

Laura: I came to yoga because I was looking for balance in my very stressful job as a music manager. It was love at first sight from the very first moment, and yoga has since given me so much inner serenity and confidence in my body.

RO&N is a companion for the spiritual journey. What does spirituality mean to you and how did you find access to it?

Laura: Spirituality for us is a journey into your inner world and a return to the love that is within you. It's about connecting with our inner world and opening up to the fact that we are more than what we may have previously believed. Discovering your own spirituality can be fun and is as versatile as we are. This is exactly what our everyday fashion is meant to remind us of with its positive affirmations and empowering details! We wish that spirituality is something that doesn't just happen in yoga studios or on the meditation cushion, but that it becomes a normal part of your everyday life. More peace inside, more peace outside, more peace for all!


What changes would you like to see for a more sustainable future and a more conscious approach?

Dominique: We believe from the bottom of our hearts in the magic of fashion to express ourselves and our view of the world. However, the fashion industry has unfortunately changed negatively. It has become too fast, too cheap, and too toxic. The drop in clothing prices over the last 20 years has allowed us to buy more and more clothes. We own 5 times more clothes than our grandparents. It's a great feeling to be able to afford everything and follow every trend, right? But, unfortunately, only until you find out what's really behind it. That's why we wish that more and more people get active and, above all, that companies really change something! We wish that more and more companies would start to question things and optimize processes—their value chains, their color processes. How much water is used, who really produces the shirt, and where does the cotton for it come from? Is everyone really paid fairly? The fashion world is very complex. We want to work together to make the fashion world a better place.

What is your absolute favorite piece from the current collection?

Dominique: You will only find me in our new beautiful and comfortable emerald green set this summer. Besides that, our purple HOPE sweater is my all-time favorite.

Laura: My favorite piece for this summer is our new gold kimono and matching Golden Leaves pants and top set—perfect for everyday wear but also for summer parties and weddings.

Thank you so much for your time and the lovely interview.

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Rock On & Namasté

The sustainable, vegan, and empowering fashion label from Berlin creates Feel Good Fashion for everyone who is on a spiritual journey. RO&N was founded by Laura Malina Seiler and Dominique Simon. Dominique has worked as a product and project manager for various (fashion) labels for over 10 years. Laura is host of the most successful German podcast for personal and spiritual development "Happy, Holy & Confident". Together, they wish that spirituality doesn't just happen in yoga studios or on the meditation cushion but becomes a normal part of your everyday life.

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