One oil for each chakra: The path to inner and outer balance

One oil for each chakra: The path to inner and outer balance

An interview with Tina Neubauer from CHAGA


Tina Neubauer


When little Tina Neubauer took up Qigong with her mother many years ago, she already felt that mindful bodywork and meditation, the whole engagement with our physical and psychological existence, would be a part of her life forever. Years later, when she completed her yoga teacher training in India and was able to get to know the country and its traditions, she wanted to pass on this knowledge and the positive influence she had experienced through it to others. So she founded CHAGA in December 2020, and under this name, she creates essential oils, whose intense scents have a positive effect on our seven chakras. Tina also teaches yoga in Salzburg (Austria); her brand and her teaching are matters that are near to her heart.

On your homepage, the name CHAGA is subtitled "Yoga, Chakras, Oils, Community, Art" - but who or what exactly is CHAGA, and what is the connection between the different aspects mentioned?

Tina: CHAGA comes from the words CHAkra and yoGA and stands for the connection of your physical and spiritual body. CHAGA as a whole is meant to describe a state of connection. Any connection we have in our lives. With our body, our environment, our fellow human beings, our spirit, our creativity. A network connection from the most diverse aspects of our lives.

What came first at CHAGA - yoga or oils? How did CHAGA come about, how did it develop?

Tina: I had the idea for CHAGA several years ago, when I was doing my yoga teacher training in India. That was when the seed was planted, and the maturing process went on over the last five years. The further I got in my own yoga practice and the more I taught and tried out myself, the more precise became my ideas of CHAGA. Fragrances and oils have been with me since I was little. I always had to smell everything, whether it was the bark of the trees in the forest or when I got my hands on a new book. Our sense of smell is so closely connected to our emotions that I wanted to work with it in my yoga classes.

What is it about the connection between fragrance oils and the seven chakras - how can you affect chakras with fragrances?

Tina: Each of our 7 chakras is dedicated to our physical body, our organs and our nervous system, as well as our emotions and thoughts. Essential oils equally help on these two levels, psychically and physically. Lavender essential oil, for example, does not only have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, it also calms our nervous system, helping us to find more peace and serenity. So these attributes are also assigned to our respective chakras. For meditation, lavender oil helps connect with our crown chakra. In the solar plexus chakra, in combination with rosemary essential oil, it provides the necessary focus and concentration on our innermost life energy.

Where does your knowledge come from about which fragrance affects which chakra?

Tina: Through my simultaneous involvement with aromatherapy and my yoga practice, in which I have always worked in a chakra-oriented way, a bridge between these two areas very quickly developed. From my own application and experience, I then combined this knowledge, which I had acquired through various aromatherapeutic approaches, with the knowledge of the respective chakras in my CHAGA oils and blended the first oils. In fact, today the original CHAGA oil bottles contain the intuitive fragrance blends of the first day.

What is special about CHAGA oils? What is the best way to use them?

Tina: I mix all seven CHAGA oils by hand, they are free of any preservatives and are made from 100% plant-based and natural raw materials from organic cultivation. The oils can be used as the mood takes you, when getting up, before or after yoga practice, for meditation, in a scent lamp or in the evening before going to bed. How and where you use your CHAGA oil is best left to your intuition, then the effect is most potent. If you have allergies to various herbal ingredients, it is best to test small doses beforehand. It should also be noted that many of the essential oils used really do have an immense effect. For example, it is best not to use rosemary oil in the evening, because otherwise you will probably be deprived of your well-deserved sleep.

Do you have a personal favourite oil and perhaps a ritual that you would like to share with our readers?

Tina: Hmmm... that's difficult, each of the oils helps in its own way in exactly the situation you need it. I really like earthy and aphrodisiac scents like in "Mul" and "Sva" as well as the uplifting, clarifying scent of lavender in "Man" and "Sah". My favourite way to use my oils is in my yoga classes, when I walk around the room and feel the yogis' bodies go deeper into relaxation with each inhalation of the oils' scent. I myself use my oils every day when I get up or go to bed, depending on which day I need which. And of course in my own yoga practice.




The Austrian label CHAGA produces naturally pure organic essential oils that you can use before you fall asleep, meditate or practise yoga - or simply in between to arrive in the moment. Each of CHAGA's seven essential oils represents one of the seven chakras and helps you to listen to your feelings.

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