Inspiration for your yoga practice: balance and focus

Inspiration for your yoga practice: balance and focus

A cooperation with Kismet

This yoga session was created in cooperation with Kismet and photographer and yogini Nela König. 

Level: Advanced

Floating into Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana – Half Moon Bow Pose

In this yoga session, we will flow through different asanas into a variation of the half moon pose. This asana strengthens your muscles, especially your legs, and plays with your sense of balance. You need focus to keep your balance. At the same time, the Half Moon Pose promotes precisely these qualities. This asana also opens your shoulders, chest and flanks. With your physical balance, you also strengthen your mental balance and thus lower your stress level. We are curious to see how you like this flow. Try out what feels good to you - without forcing anything.

01 Balasana

Start in child's pose:

- Place your knees at the edges of your mat.
- Stretch out your arms to the front.
- Breathe along your whole back.
- Find your way into the moment.


02 Alternating Bhujangasana Variation / Balasana

Now alternate between the following cobra variation and child pose: 

- Keep your knees at the edges of your mat and flow forward into the cobra.
- Bend your lower legs and pull your feet up.
- Tuck in your belly button to protect your lower back.
- Especially open your groin and hip flexors here; don't go into a backbend too much yet.
- Stay here and then flow through the sequence Balasana/Bhujangasana variation 5 times.


03 Cat | Cow Variation

Now mobilise your spine and open your chest: 

- Come into table top position and flow through cat and cow a few times.
- Then stretch your left arm to the front and your right leg to the back.
- Reach overhead with your left hand and grasp your right ankle.
- Find opening in your chest and in the front of your right thigh.


04 Baby Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana

Now change to Baby Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana: 

- Keep your right leg in the air and place your left hand back on the floor.
- Lift your right arm to grasp your right ankle behind your back.
- Ground yourself over your left knee and find width and opening in the right side of the body.


05 Three legged downward dog

Now come into Downward Dog:

- Flow from Baby Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana into Downward Dog and through a vinyasa.
- Attention – leg change: Lift your left leg back and up in the air (3 legged dog).
- Make a long stretch and then, with the help of your abdominal muscles, silently place your left foot in front between your hands.


06 Anjaneyasana

Flow out of Downward Dog into a low lunge:

- Your left foot is still in front between your hands.
- Place your back knee on the mat and from here straighten into Anjaneyasana.
- Push your left knee to the front beyond your ankle.
- Sink into your left hip, stretch out your arms over your head and at the same time lift your heart towards the sky.


07 Ardha Hanumanasana

Now alternate between Anjaneyasana and Ardha Hanumanasana: 

- Keeping your right knee on the mat, push back from Anjaneyasana into Ardha Hanumanasana, the runner's lunge.
- Fully stretch out your left leg and draw your left toes towards you.
- Lift your heart, try to stretch out your spine and draw your belly button towards your left thigh.
- Feel the intense stretch in the back of your left leg.
- Then flow from Anjaneyasana into Ardha Hanumanasana alternating 5 times.


08 Peak pose: Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana

This is the pose we have been working towards:

- Stand on your left foot and flow into half moon pose.
- Bend both legs and grasp your right foot behind your back.
- Straighten your left leg again.
- Find stability through your left foot and your left hand as well as openness in the right side of your body. Connect both.
- Hold the position for at least three breaths.

Then switch sides and flow through the entire sequence inverted. Start again with the table top position, this time stretching your right arm to the front and lifting your left leg. In Three Legged Dog raise your right leg; in Anjaneyasana your right leg is in front, while in Ardha Chandrasana you stand on your right leg with the left leg in the air. 


09 Cool down: Virasana

Come into hero's seat (Virasana) to cool down:

- While sitting on your heels, bring your knees close together and turn your heels away from each other. 
- Place your buttocks on the mat between your feet. 
- Bring your hands together in front of your chest in Anjali Mudra.


10 Conclusion: Supta Virasana

Finally come into Supta Virasana (lying hero):

- From hero's seat, exhaling, mindfully lean your upper body back, giving yourself support with your hands.
- Let your upper body sink further down onto your forearms.
- Carefully rest your back and head on your mat.
- You can spread your arms out to the side or clasp each other's forearms with your hands above your head.




With Kismet Yogastyle, entrepreneur Sylvia and designer Sandra fulfilled a long-held wish: to be able to live their ecological and human values in their professional lives and to create casual, sustainable yoga wear for yogis to feel good in, without having to make any fashion compromises.

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