Happy Buddhaface: Yin and Yang Yoga Flow

Happy Buddhaface: Yin and Yang Yoga Flow

A cooperation with Loan Nguyen

Happy Buddhaface Yoga is not about Laughter Yoga – but with her workout, yoga teacher Loan will still put a happy smile on your face. In this video, she will guide you through a mix of calm yin and active yang yoga: in the first "yang" part, you will start off with dynamic flows, while in the second "yin" part, you will calm down and relax into the poses. Afterwards, you won't be able to get rid of your Buddha smile for the rest of the day.

Training Time: 60 Minutes
Equipment: Yoga-/Fitness Mat
Level: All

Happy Buddhaface Yoga Flow with Loan

„Do what you love and spread the love“ is Loan's motto. Only when you have understood what respect, appreciation and love for yourself mean, you will be able to pass on this love to others. And that's exactly what Loan does in her Yin and Yang Yoga Flow: you can expect 60 minutes of empathy, motivation and a good portion of fun! We recorded this live yoga session for you on 27 February, so that you can put a Happy Buddha smile on your face whenever you want (video in German).



Loan is a yoga teacher and founder of the Düsseldorf studio Yoga Homebase. For Loan, yoga is more than just a sport - it is a journey to herself. This is how she practices and experiences yoga every day, and this is how she passionately takes her students with her on her journey. In her yoga classes, she is guided by values such as respect, mindfulness and love, and with a lot of empathy and fun, she makes sure that everyone leaves her classes with a Happy Buddhaface.

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