Full Body Power: 16 exercises for strength, focus & balance

Full Body Power:
16 exercises for strength, focus & balance

A cooperation with Casall and Sarah Gluschke

No time for hours of training? With Sarah's Quickie Workout, there are no more excuses! In just 15 minutes, you'll work your way through your entire body with Sarah, strengthening your muscles and improving your focus and balance. You'll also get a boost of energy for your body - and there's no shortage of fun either!

Duration: 15 minutes
Eqipment: Yoga-/fitness mat
Level: All levels (basic fitness required)


Recharge your batteries 

This fifteen-minute mix of power and rest is perfect for recharging your batteries. You don't need any equipment for this workout, but a soft surface like a yoga or fitness mat makes it more comfortable. 

Full Body Power Workout with Sarah Gluschke

This workout consists of 16 exercises that you will perform for 45 seconds each. After each exercise there is a short break of 10 seconds, during which Sarah will introduce you to the next exercise. Have fun with Sarah's Full Body Power Workout!

Tips for a mindful training

A gentle introduction

Warm up your body before training. This goes without saying, but our everyday life sometimes makes us careless.


Breathing  is crucial in yoga and training. Always remember to breathe mindfully. Also keep an eye on your breath while you exercise.

Listen to your body

Curiously play with the limits of your body without exceeding them. In yoga and training, only go as far as it feels good to you.

Smooth transitions

Create a smooth transition from tension to relaxation. You can also round off your training with a short meditation at the end.



Sarah Gluschke is a yoga teacher and health coach. Her mission is to get people back in touch with themselves, to show them how uncomplicated and simple healthy eating can be and how much fun training can be. On her Instagram channel, Sarah posts about yoga, sports, mindset and vegan nutrition daily.

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